About Us…

I, Tracee, began my faith without much of any foundation in God’s word and couldn’t really explain the reason for my hope. My husband guided me to a better understanding of God’s word – the Bible.  He showed me it was possible to understand it.  This space captures my reflections on God’s word, the seasons of marriage and motherhood, and my continual pursuit to learn and grow. 

I, Cameron, hope to challenge us all to dig deeper into God’s word–facing the hard truths and submitting to Christ even if it is controversial, and especially if we find ourselves resisting.  We are not to hold onto the world, but as children of the Risen Christ, we should have confidence in the Resurrection, placing our trust in the Eternal instead of the material.  

Our journey together has challenged us both and we are grateful for every part of it. To get to know more about the journey, you can click on our timeline below to read about some of the blog posts that were inspired by our life events.

  • Our Beginning – Cameron + Tracee get married and start a family

  • Our Growing Family – We had children!

  • Tracee’s Story

We pray that this blog encourages and challenges you as it has us.

In His love,
Cameron + Tracee
Christians + Spouses + Parents + Veterans