Our Favorite Causes…

We are very passionate people and when we find out about a cause or a group that supports our values, we want to share it with others, even as we dig in ourselves. Many of these have come from our own seasons of growth or working through difficulty.

We obviously engage in more things locally, but these are national programs that we believe in their mission and like to share with others because they are so broadly applicable (and some are less familiar). To learn more, check out their sites below. They aren’t listed in any particular order and we don’t benefit from sharing about them.

The Chosen

We are some among many who love this developing TV series. Their dedication to staying true to the Scriptures while also developing plausible back-stories for the rest of the story that is not filled in from the Bible makes us think and dig in to the Word even more. We love watching this series and talking about it with others.

Them Before Us: Fighting for Children’s Rights

We became aware of this organization through a great parenting article written by its Founder, Katy Faust. We then realized the fullness of her mission to stand for children’s rights and it’s intersection with our experience with Big Fertility. From adoption to third party reproduction and everything in between, they argue for children’s right and need for their biological male and female, married parents. It breaks the new mold of approaching parenting from the desires of an adult and re-frames the topic to focus on the needs of children. This message is so desperately needed in our society today. God cares deeply for little children and we need to protect them and the structure they need to thrive.

Especially when it comes to many of these newer forms of reproductive technology, Christians are not aware of all that it entails and it often brings forward grave moral issues that Christians need to pay attention to.

Raising Boys and Girls by Daystar Counseling: Sissy Goff & David Thomas

This is a group of Christian counselors who focus on raising children. We love all of their content, but our favorites are “Wild Things: the Art of Nurturing Boys” and “Are my kids on track?”

Dave Ramsey – Financial Peace and Entreleaders

After a bit of a battle, my husband and I joined forces to shift our finances to the Biblical wisdom from the Scriptures. This Debt-free approach is truly a game changer to building wealth (not surprising, since it’s from the Bible) and Dave Ramsey’s method for getting there is Scripturally-based and incredibly well thought out, proven and a great source of community. Cameron has even paired with their business teams, Entreleadership, to apply these principles to his work. It’s also surrounded us with an incredible community of business owners with similar values.