Tracee’s Story…

God expects us to grow and many of the seasons of our lives can either foster that growth or cause us resist it. I pray that I will use these circumstances in my life to grow as a Christian and in the many roles that I have been given.

I write through many of my trials and my posts here are in some ways a very public diary. To see all the blogs from my journey, you can click below.

Though I considered myself a Christian for a long time, I feel that my husband introduced me to the Bible. He taught me how to read it, slowly and until I could understand it. Then he taught me how to study it and develop my own positions on what it meant. As opinionated as my husband is, he emphasized the importance of developing my own understanding of the Scriptures. With a much better understanding of the overarching plan that God outlines in the story of the Bible, I have better understood the length, width, height and depth of God’s love for us. I have realized how essential understanding the Scriptures is to our Christian walk. And I want to help anyone who desires to understand it to have a guide and a help available to them.

When we stumbled into our infertility journey, I was having all sorts of pain and issues health-wise. I’m sad to say that most of my health issues were tabled during the first 4 years trying-to-conceive. In truth, I didn’t have answers to almost any of my health issues most of my life because they were centered around Women’s Health, which is an area that western medicine has not understood well for a long time.